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Optimisation of the production process by erecting 40 new silo cells as well as building a new grain cleaning unit and detaching the cleaning process from production

This project is cofinanced with means coming from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Our project serves to optimise the production process. To this end, not only have 40 new silo cells as well as a new cleaning unit been erected, but also the cleaning process has been detached from the production line. Furthermore, in the course of the project, the cleaning unit is parted into two separate lines. This means that allergens can be better kept separate from crops which do not by their nature contain those allergens. State of the art cleaning machinery also enable more efficient processing as in getting more out of the grain (or pseudograin) and reducing waste.

Further information on IWB and EFRE can be found at www.efre.gv.at.

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