Quality Assurance & Management (QA & QM)

We aim to deliver our products – despite fluctuations in quality, availability, and demand, which in part occur in an unpredictable manner – to our customers' satisfaction. This requires continuous adjustments on several different levels. QS and QM systems enable us to stay on top of this complex task.

mind, it is our goal to maintain the high standard of production expected by our clients. We strengthen personal quality responsibility and awareness in all our staff and endeavour to employ our QA and QM systems to optimize relevant areas of responsibility and sequences.

Both the management and the employees take responsibility for managerial considerations. Thus they each contribute to our quality management. This requires staff training at regular intervals, among other measures.

The Strobl Naturmühle mill is certified according to FSCC 22000 and ISO 22000.

The quality assurance representative (QA), responsible for keeping the management up-to-date in regard to the QM system, is Christof Strobl. The task of quality assurance management rests in the capable hands of our plant manager Manfred Roitner (QM).

Aside from our own on-site internal lab for production monitoring and quality assurance of both the raw and processed grains, pulses, and pseudo-grains, our company makes frequent use of external laboratories for all the necessary tests, especially checking for GMO etc.

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