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About Us

The small, dynamic mill in Upper Austria takes pride in its long history: first documented in 1251, the mill has been run by the Strobl family since 1875. First steps toward establishing export markets were taken in 1990. By now, the Strobl Naturmühle mill has become one of the chief providers of husking and particularly soy products in Europe.

Our portfolio comprises roughly 400 separate grain and cereal processing products, including specialties made from old, almost forgotten, grain varieties. A large part of our products is available not only from conventional cultivation but also from controlled organic cultivation, and we are a member of the Austrian Demeterbund.

State of the art production equipment, profound professional connectedness (we network with future-oriented farmers, three seed breeders, gene-banks who act as the keepers of ancient varieties, ...) as well as our own research and development endeavours enable us to proudly count our enterprise among the most innovative grain processors of Europe.

At the dawn of the genetic engineering discussion, the Strobl Naturmuehle company already took a very firm stand and produces only products that are not genetically modified. That is why our company enters cultivation contracts for various raw materials, for which our company oversees cultivation, harvesting and in particular the subsequent storage of these crops. Additionally, we initiate the cultivation of new, but above all of old, half-forgotten grain varieties, especially within the organic food sector.

We consider Quality Assurance and Quality Management a matter of course. This is part of why our facilities and equipment keep being augmented, improved, and renewed.

Our team is happy to assist you with any questions or enquiries.